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(c) 2004 F-E-X Systems, Inc. GitHub pages : Hi all! I would like to do a blogpost about these lost files. I already did two. The first: Lost files and recovered them [1]. And the second: Recovered my files from my ex hard drive [2] You can find the links to those posts in the description of this post. I want to tell you now that the lost files are not my files, but my backup files. And the recovered my files is the files I copied from my ex hard drive to this one. It is the same story with my HD I used to work on my HD in my C: drive, and I formatted it to my new HD. Then I tried to copy all the files and folders that I used to work on my previous HD. The files and folders are still there, but the program I used to work on them (PDF-Xchange professional) did not recognise them and I could not use them. After a few hours of research, I found a forum where some people told me that I had to do a recovery on my HD. After I downloaded a software called Photo Recoverer [3], I could go to the second page and I found my PDF-Xchange professional files. They were recognized and I could use them again. I was very happy to have all of my files and folders. I want to make a special comment to these two posts. I have a Samsung notebook that I use as a hub for many things, including my home network. When I was moving my files to the new HD, I was copying them to my hub. I realized that all of the files I was working on were gone. I did not know what to do, because I lost a lot of work. I tried to restore them from my cloud backup, but I could not find the files and folders I was working on. My hub was connected to my new HD, but I could not find the files I was working on. After a few hours of research, I found this Blogpost [1]. I was very happy to read that I could recover all my files. However, I did not want to work directly with the files that were on my hub, but on my new HD. The reasons are: the file names





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Robot Millenium V21.zipl latamb

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